...and make a difference in someone's life. 

Sharing our mental health stories encourages people who need help to seek help. Let's break the stigma and remind everyone that mental health is health. Share your story today to start the conversation.

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Break the Stigma

There's a stigma associated with therapy and substance use treatment. Tell us why there shouldn't be.

Words of Wisdom

Describe the moment you knew you (or your child/family member) needed help and/or provide advice for someone experiencing similar struggles.

Power of Help

Tell us how therapy transformed your life (or your child/family member's life).

Ready to Share Your Story?


  • Use your computer or phone to record a 30-90 second video of yourself. (Horizontal orientation preferred.)
  • Tell us your story! Speak from the heart and use the prompts above for inspiration.
  • Submit the form below and upload your video.

Video Tips & Tricks:

  • If possible, face a window head-on for natural lighting. 
  • Line up your camera so it's roughly in line with your eyes.
  • Film yourself in front of a simple background.
  • Wear solid colors or simple patterns without any logos.
  • Don't forget to SMILE!