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Digital Distress: Unpacking Gen Z’s Mental Health 

In an era defined by rapid technological advances and unprecedented digital immersion, the burgeoning mental health challenges of Generation Z demand our immediate attention.

As the first generation to grow up in a world where the boundaries between the virtual and the tangible are continually blurring, Gen Z finds itself navigating a unique set of psychosocial stressors, amplified by their intimate relationship with the digital realm.  This research offers a practical perspective to the broader conversation, highlighting the real-world implications of the issues at hand. 

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Digital Distress: Unpacking Gen Z's Mental Health
Gen Z Mental Health


In this white paper, you’ll learn pivotal data insights, including:

  1. Generational Trajectories: The unique mental health challenges Gen Z faces.
  2. Digital Dilemma: A deep dive into the dual impacts of digital immersion.
  3. Alarming Data: Data revealing the urgency of addressing these issues.
  4. Societal Impact: The societal implications of Gen Z's mental health crisis.
  5. Solutions: Proactive and inclusive solutions to support Gen Z's mental well-being.

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Meet the Author

Tyler Kent

Director of Data Science


Tyler J. Kent, the Director of Data Science at Care Solace, is at the forefront of transforming mental health care with his data-driven approach. His achievements at Care Solace include leading the development of a groundbreaking mental health index and spearheading the creation of a modern data architecture, significantly enhancing the landscape of mental health analytics. Tyler's prior experience in modeling Medicare risk has led to impactful policy changes, improving care for America's most vulnerable populations. With a Bachelor's degree in both Supply Chain Management and Business Management, his business acumen complements his technical skills, allowing him to understand and leverage the far-reaching impacts of data in healthcare. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tyler is passionate about addiction treatment and healing, serving as the treasurer on the board of directors for a San Diego-based non-profit, where he applies his expertise to make a difference in the community.

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