Care Solace Story

We are tireless allies on a mission to make accessing mental health care easier than ever before.


Our Values

At Care Solace, we never give up on doing the right thing.

We do whatever it takes for: Our employees, Our families, Our clients, Our communities, Our society, Our world.

We do whatever it takes with CARE: Compassion, Authenticity, Respect, Empathy

What We Believe



We create connections

By being human driven and technology supported, we connect people and systems for the better. 


We empower people

Both those seeking help and those providing help – to connect to the support they need. 


We are allies

We meet people where they are, guide them in their journey, and stand by them no matter what it takes. 

Our Story


Millions of Americans face mental health and substance use issues, and accessing quality care can be deeply challenging. Our Founder and CEO, Chad Castruita, knows those challenges firsthand. While in recovery for substance use issues, he reflected on how the right help was essential to turning his life around. He was determined to make accessing care easier and less painful for people experiencing similar struggles and founded Care Solace in 2015. 

Care Solace connects people in the U.S. to the support they need, anytime, anywhere. Our goal is to break the stigma surrounding mental health and offer every community educational prevention resources, provide prompt, compassionate support when necessary, and build resilience for long-term stability and health. We are determinedly working toward destigmatizing mental health issues and enabling everyone to get the mental health care they need — and deserve.

Our Executive Team

Marshall Moncrief

Marshall Moncrief

Chief Integration Officer
Vasudha Mital

Vasudha Mital

Chief Product Officer

Our Board of Directors

Our Care Coordination Leadership Team

Kelly Van Cleave

Kelly Van Cleave, LCSW

Vice President of Care Coordination
Vivian Richards

Vivian Richards, LICSW 

Director of Care Coordination
Catherine Kidd

Catherine Kidd, LMFT

Lead Care Manager

Every employee plays

a vital role in our mission.


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