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Everyone deserves a clear path to mental health services. We’re calling all service providers to join us in our efforts to remove barriers for students, staff, and families in need of your help.

Coordinating care is time consuming and chaotic: identifying providers with the right specialization and availability, navigating insurance and ability to pay, dealing with language barriers, and finding culturally and gender appropriate care.

We, along with our school district and institution partners, are committed to partnering with all community-based providers to solve the access and equity barriers that exist in mental health today.

Become a Care Solace Verified Provider

Join our mission as a Verified Provider to ensure those in need have timely access to your life altering services.

Perfect Match

Get matched with clients who need your support, aligned with your practice offerings, specialties, and insurance coverage.


Select your preferred communication
methods for scheduling appointments.

No Cost

There’s no charge for becoming a Care Solace Verified Provider and you will never be charged to receive client referrals.

How It Works

For us, seamless means we get you up and running in minutes and
support you every step of the way.

  • Initiate the verification processClick here to complete your Provider Interest Form. We’ll use this information to verify your licensure and practice
  • Enrich your provider profile — Once verified, you’ll receive an email with a link to enrich your provider profile information. This enables us to match you with clients tailored to your specialty areas and insurance coverage.
  • Get matched to clients — As we work with individuals and families that may be a good fit for you, our Care Companions™ will contact you on their behalf.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to help turn lives around.

See how the Georgetown, TX school and provider communities and Care Solace have come together to support streamlined pathways into care.


Learn how 400+ school institutions are partnering
with Care Solace to turn lives around.

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