Sina Shayesteh Executive Director of Higher Ed Partnerships

Sina has spent the past 15+ years in the education space helping colleges and universities optimize enrollment and retention strategies. After graduating from UC San Diego, he worked at Merrill Lynch but quickly realized that he preferred a career supporting start-ups in education. One of the notable accomplishments of Sina’s career was leading an early start-up called Underground Elephant where he guided revenue increases from $20,000 per month to over $1 million monthly in less than 10 months. Later, he joined to create the first click marketplace for colleges and universities; this idea was quickly adopted by 5 separate organizations and became the solution of choice among institutions looking to create qualified student pipelines.

Most recently, Sina was a co-founder at Plexuss where he led all business development and helped attract and onboard over 150 institutions in less than 2 years. Plexuss is now working with over 700 institutions worldwide and serves over 6 million students domestically and internationally. Sina has a deep understanding of the campus and online-focused domestic and international growth tactics and has a passion for supporting under-served and at-risk student populations. For additional details about Sina, see

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