Every person deserves access to mental health care.


Care Solace navigates the mental health care system to find available providers matched to specific needs – so you don’t have to.


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Let us help you meet the growing demand for mental health support in your community.

  • Provide mental health care access for all

  • Increase staff capacity

  • Reduce wait times to care

  • Take action & make change

Mental health matters


50+ million

U.S. adults live with a mental health condition and more than half don't receive treatment.

1 in 6 youth

and 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience a mental health disorder each year.

155 million

people live in a designated Mental Health Professional Shortage Area. 

Sources: NAMI, Mental Health America

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Our Impact


20M people

We support equitable access to care for 18 million people and counting.


1M hours

Mental health staff have regained over 1 million hours of valuable time.


560K+ verified providers

We provide access to 560K+ verified mental health care providers across the nation, including Medicaid agencies, individual therapy practices, and telehealth options.

An extension of your mental health team, available 24/7/365.



When individuals navigate the complex mental health care system on their own, they often don’t book an appointment.


Together, we can change this.


Success Stories

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Care Solace has been a tremendous resource for our students and families. There can be many barriers to access; however, with their persistence and diligence, students and families have been able to get the help they need in order to improve their emotional and mental well-being which impacts their academic success.
Caine Christensen LCSW, PPSC
Director of Student Support Services, Fresno Unified School District, CA
I tried to find a therapist for 6 months and did not have the time to continuously seek a therapist who all told me they were not taking new patients. With Care Solace, I found a therapist in my network and was scheduled for my first session in 2 weeks.
Ventura, CA
If your counseling center is interested in expanding its referral and case management services, take a look at Care Solace. They provide a team of Care Coordinators that are able to support students 24/7 with identifying and connecting with community based mental health providers.
Jeffrey Ng, Psy.D.
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, Fordham University
Care Solace has been a welcomed partner in ensuring our students and families are able to access community-based mental health services in a timely and efficient manner. Greater access to community-based mental health supports has added a key element to our MTSS framework and the supports that we provide at the school site level.
Chris Hoffman
Superintendent, Elk Grove Unified School District, CA
We have been thrilled with the ability of Care Solace to secure residents with appointments into care. Anyone who has tried to navigate the mental health system to find a provider knows how difficult it is to not only find a provider, but to get an appointment, which often can take several months. They work with the resident until an appointment is secured!
Susan Rosa, RN
Health Director, Town of Chelmsford

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A Message for Families

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