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Celebrating Pride and Men's Mental Health

Celebrating Pride and Men's Mental Health

This June, our company celebrates both Pride Month and Men's Mental Health Month, focusing on authenticity and resilience. In collaboration with LGBTQ+ influencers, we shared social media posts responding to the question, "What would you tell your younger self who was struggling with coming out?" Their heartfelt responses speak to both their younger selves and younger generations facing similar challenges.

Additionally, we highlighted Men's Mental Health Month, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health issues among men. Our posts encourage open conversations and provide resources for those in need. These efforts remind us of the importance of inclusivity and support on the journey to authenticity and well-being.


Influencer and Podcast Host


Nate Peters

"If you're at a low point, it's not you. You are who you're supposed to be – we need all of you."

Nate grew up in an environment where he didn't feel accepted for his identity. The idea of a world where he could be himself without judgment felt like a distant, naive hope. Years of therapy became a crucial step in his healing journey, where a powerful realization dawned: he isn't alone, and he is lovable. This newfound understanding fueled his desire to create a safe space for others.

Starting his podcast, "I Tried To Be Straight", Nate uses his voice to encourage those battling the same isolation he once faced.  Reflecting on his past, Nate shares this message of encouragement to his younger self and those who are walking through similar struggles.

Influencer and Advocate


Trevor Jack

"A problem shared is a problem halved."

Having someone to talk to and feel heard by is a blessing that not everyone has. During the pandemic, Trevor needed someone to talk to and decided to call The Trevor Project, a nonprofit suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ+ young people. A caring person answered the phone, and since their conversation, what Trevor was told has stuck with him forever.

*Care Solace is not affiliated with the Trevor Project*


Students from Washoe County School District


Men's Mental Health

"Men's mental health is overlooked."

We sat down with students to ask, “Why are you an advocate for mental health?” Their answers revealed personal experiences with mental health challenges, either their own or those of loved ones, and the struggle to break the stigma and seek help.



Influencer, Drag Artist, and Advocate


Zack Jaymes

"Be within you."

Reflecting on his past, Zack recalls the journey that led him to embrace his true identity. Finding inner strength, despite his depression and suicidal ideations telling him differently, he agreed to see a therapist. Starting therapy meant confronting the part within himself he believed was unacceptable by the world: being gay.

He was able to find a therapist that he could be his authentic self around and truly let his guard down. Because of her and his resilience, he was able to find hope again. Today, he offers a message to his younger self and today’s youth.

Influencer and Advocate


Christina Bailey

"Remember to love who you are."

Christina is a proud LGBTQ+ parent and first-grade teacher. She and her partner have used their platform to spread awareness about LGBTQ+ marriages and family expansion. Her message to the youth of today: 

Love who you are.




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