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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

As a wrap-up to Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to shine a light on key storytellers we have met on our journey to break barriers in getting individuals access to mental health care – one life at a time. As you will hear in the stories of students, parents, and mental health professionals, we are grateful to be of aid in connecting people to the right care, at the right time. Across the world, May is a month in which mental health awareness and easy access to care are highly advocated. At Care Solace, we share the belief that access to care should be simple – and with us, it is.


You're Not Alone. Help is Available.

We want to address this year’s theme of “Where to Start?”

What do you do to get out of emotional lows, how do you find the right help or approach a friend and tell them what’s going on? How do you start healing?

We’ve had the privilege of filming many individuals who shared their stories of healing, recovery, and battling the mental health stigma. Their biggest piece of advice? Just start. 

Verified Provider Spotlight

Natasha, Mental Health Provider

"Anybody coming should be able to get matched with the right therapist that they feel comfortable with."


At Care Solace, we're committed to building a network of providers who align with our mission of delivering timely and culturally relevant care. Natasha is one of the many exemplary providers in our provider network. Together, we're not just addressing mental health needs; we're creating a movement toward a more empathetic, accessible, and inclusive future.

Become a Verified Provider - https://www.caresolace.org/services/providers

Disclaimer: Not an endorsement, referral, or recommendation of any provider. Care Solace does not have a financial relationship with any providers, does not pay or collect monies to/from providers or have an agreement in place to promote mental health resources, and does not accept advertisements or sponsorship sales. Care Solace mental health/social service care coordination services are based solely on objective match criteria according to client-specified needs and details.

Parenting During Grief

Ciara Madrid, Parent

“If I can save just one more life by sharing my story, then it’s worth it.”

Strength isn’t about hiding your pain, it’s about embracing it openly. Ciara shares her journey of navigating tough times with her kids, reminding us that vulnerability is a crucial part of healing.

Ciara’s fiancé, Matt, committed suicide after suffering from years of PTSD as a first responder. Ciara knew she needed to spread awareness of mental health in the first-responder community through her podcast @1sthelporg and her own family.

Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Indian Reservation

Fort Peck Opens Crisis Call & Treatment Center

"One of the greatest tools we have is Care Solace."

We're highlighting the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Indian Reservation for their proactive efforts to prevent suicide and enhance mental health awareness in their community. Through their partnership with Care Solace, their suicide hotline can extend beyond immediate crisis intervention. It provides ongoing support, offering follow-up solutions and connecting individuals with the necessary care they need to heal and thrive.

Care Hero of the Year

Phoebe Blount

"This is about helping people. And I want all of us to be  involved in it."

Join us in celebrating Care Hero Phoebe Blount! Phoebe is the project director of Fort Peck's Call and Treatment Center for Suicide Prevention.

Going above and beyond in making mental health care accessible to her community, Phoebe's efforts to treat one of the most pressing crises in her community are inspirational. With the opportunity to celebrate her at our Fort Peck Summit, Care Solace is honored to champion Phoebe to ensure that the Tribes of Fort Peck get access to the care they deserve.





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